The Six P’s to Online Shopping

Online shopping is a fad in the new age. It is easy and a one stop destination comfort zone for shopoholics. Online shopping is also a relief to the working class. One can shop online at any time and anywhere without worrying about the stores operation time. Online shopping has much benefits to it. But with benefits comes some disadvantages too. One needs to be utterly careful while making a transaction online.Online shopping can be done 24*7. One also has the opportunity to grab the best deals offered online. So today I shall help you follow 6 P’s to shopping online.


The first thing to keep in mind while shopping online is to think what to buy. There are thousands of products available on world wide web and one needs to be sure of what he/she needs to buy to make a smart and quick shopping move. Products can vary from a piece of clothing to accessories to footwear to electronics to jewellery to fragrances and beauty products etc. A product once set in mind is easier to locate and choose from the surplus variety avaiable online.


Once you have chosen the required product the next step is to check the price factor. Price play a dominant role in online shopping. Their are numerous deals offered all across the online stores and discounts offered that one needs to be very careful in not paying for over priced goods. Today we have numerous popular online sites that sell all types of products under one roof. Likes of same are Jabong, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Koovs, FashionandYou, etc. One should always subscribe to their news letter to always have the information about new and upcoming deals on their particular sites.


The next P to follow is to gain knowledge about what modes of payment does the site offer. There are various modes of payment like

Cash on Delivery – Here one needs to pay once the goods are delivered at your door step.

Cash before Delivery – Here one needs to pay in cash at any of the defined payment outlet near your place of delivery before the goods are dispatched.

Net Banking – Here one needs to transfer money to the sellers account through his/her bank through online payment at the time of placing the order.

Credit Card – Here one can make the payment by using his/her credit card at the time of placing the order.

Debit Card – Here one can make the payment using his/ her debit card at the time of placing the order.

Also few sellers charge for shipping the goods to the buyer and few sellers don’t. One also needs to check if that is included or not.

Also few sites offer vouchers and coupon codes. One needs to check for them online and utilise them in shopping online and saving out on the cost.


Every online store has terms and conditions applied to the product being sold by them. One needs to carefully read all the policies mentioned under this category. The warranty and guarantee details, Return Policy, Refund Policy, Brand Information Policy etc., needs to be carefully reviewed before making the purchase.This is important at most cases when one receives a faulty or a defective product. At most cases this is however not of much concern as the sites today are dependable but still sometimes you may receive a product of not your choice. So in order to avoid any hassles later one needs to read the entire information carefully.


Once we have checked all of the above P’s we also need to look out for the delivery time period. It generally takes a week for most of the sites to deliver your product at your doorstep. However one needs to check as to how many days will it take for the seller to make the delivery of your goods. Some sellers also make a quick delivery and we may chose our product based on the urgency of the products requirement.


The last P is the delivery of the goods at your doorstep. You can check the details of the transaction summary of your parcel by logging in on the site you bought your goods from. One should always keep the exact change amount of the goods when ordered on Cash on Delivery basis as the delivery boy does not carry any change amount. Also one should be available at the place of delivery of goods on the day and time mentioned. Before accepting the goods one also needs to check if the goods received are true to your belief and order placed and in good condition. The parcel should be accepted once you are satisfied with the product delivered. Remember the delivery boy will not take back the goods once the parcel is opened. If any discrepancies with the product one needs to apply for refund or exchange of product online and the required change shall be made by the seller.

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These were the six P’s one needs to follow to make an online transaction while shopping for goods. I hope this will be of much importance to you. Happy Shopping!!!

Author- Divya Goel


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