A Sunny Day Frenzy

Holidays/Picnics are a common site on a good sunny day. And what best can it be if you are on a day trip to a beautiful resort like Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort. The beautiful landscape and the greenery around you makes you just want to click click and click more. But few things to remember while going out on a Sunny Day is a good hat that covers your face and hair and provides you protection from the harmful sunny rays. Also a good pair of Glares are what one needs to protect ones eyes.



A hat always adds much glamour to the complete outfit. Even if you are wearing a pair of jeans or a nice sheath skirt or a flowy dress – a hat always compliments the attire. The hat has garnered much appreciation and has been a favourite of none other than the Queen of England. The pretty hats she wears and crowns her head has made many hearts try on the beautiful trend.



#Teen Vogue

The sunglasses are an evergreen pair of Aviators from Rayban. This shape has been a heart throbbing shape for many decades. It looks good on almost all types of faces. One needs to be careful in choosing the right color shade of lenses with their skin tone.

The top is a green and white Zara crop top which when paired with the high waist jeans in black from DSqaured2 label gives the perfect combination. The bag is from Sisley. This bag is more spacious and easy to carry all along. On a Sunny Day out one must carry a bag that compliments the attire while carrying all the essentials like Sanitizer,Makeup Kit,Sunscreen Lotion etc.

Also on a sunny day out for a picnic or a day trip one must wear what is comfortable and yet fashionable. A pair of jeans would be the best fit rather than going out for a short skirt or a dress, wherein you are always busy taking care of your clothes and spoiling the much fun on the go. So go out carefree and have fun girls.

  Author –  Divya Goel


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