Mesmerizing Borla Tika

Borla is an ornament generally worn by Indian brides on the head as a headgear. It was mainly worn by the Rajputana Brides and queens. It is said that a borla is worn after marriage by an Indian woman. It is yet another bridal jewellery that is a bridal must have. Now a days borla is worn as fashion statement by all. All the marwari brides however still wear it as a bridal prestigious ornament.

Borla is an exquisite piece of jewellery. It looks ravishing even when made of silver,gold, or any stones like kundan,diamond,emerald,ruby etc. The borla is not just a piece of string worn on head but a wrap around styled piece of jewellery. It looks stunning when it has temple jewellery carving on it. Borla simply makes the bride look uberly stunning and traditional. It can however be worn with a traditional lehenga or even a modern lehenga. The borla today can be made in any style and compliment anything.

Many Indian actresses like Aishwarya Rai Bacchan has sported borla in her movies like Jodha Akbar. A rajputani is incomplete without a borla. Also Shilpa Shetty wore a borla in real life for her wedding.Actresses like Konkana Sen has also been seen wearing a borla in her movies. That is not all, Nowadays we see models also walking the ramp with Borla headgears. Ace designer Sabyasachi has been frequently dressing his models with the borla jewellery.

This trend has not been limited to Indians only but has garnered much appreciation from the West as well. We have seen Hollywood Singer Selena Gomez also aping the trend in her own modern styled way.Also actress-singer Vanessa Hudgens was also seen wearing a borla in her own unique way with an Arabic outfit to her younger sister’s birthday bash. 

Borla is such a mesmerizing ornament that every heart wants to try on the trend. One can grab a borla from any Indian jewellery store. Also if one wants to try it on only once then you may opt for an imitation jewellery and borla is one of the hottest trends that you may find at any Indian Jewellery Imitation Store. Grab one and look stunning!!

Do share your pictures with the latest trend.

Author – Divya Goel


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