The Incandescent Nath : Nose Ring

Nath or the nose ring is a beautiful ornament worn by the Indian Bride as well as the Asian Bride. It is a nose ring worn especially by the bride and after marriage. This ornament has special sanctity to go with it. It is not just an ornament worn by the bride but depicts the virginity of the bride. Nasal ornaments are assumed to be the most seductive ornament and has a connection with the sexual reflexes.Nasal ornament like a big round nath makes a bride look pretty and sensuous.

A nath is depicting a bride’s virginity and hence is not supposed to be worn before marriage by the Asian girls. It is highly believed that the wedding ornaments be worn only upon getting married in the Asian society. However to the contrary girls in Asia or West are following this trend. All the girls want to look pretty and glamorous and hence without knowing the sanctity of the nath they wish to simply ape the look. We have seen many Actresses from the west and Asia wearing this Asian Jewellery.

Look who wore it right:



Actress Sonam Kapoor at Cannes Film Festival

Model – Actor Kendall Jenner at a Party

Actress Vidya Balan at Cannes Film Festival

The nose ring comes in all shapes and sizes. It may be a small stud or a big roundel or a medium sized roundel. It may be anything and any shape. The bridal nose ring is however a roundel shaped nose ring called a nath. Here are few bridal looks with the nose ring:

Where To Buy:

Nath are an Asian Jewellery piece and can be best found at an Asian Jewellery Designer showroom. If you wish to buy a diamond, gold, or any precious stoned nath then you must hit your jewellery designer with the kind of nath you wish to wear. Also nath are a fashion trend and can be found at imitation jewellery stores. But remember they are still a costly piece of jewellery and you may find it at exclusive stores only. In India you may find them at Much More stores located in Karol Bagh,Delhi or their branches. Also you may find them at the wedding exhibitions.More stores for imitation nath are Bg’s,Shoppers Stop,Macy’s etc. Another option for quick buy is to look online. Today we have various online stores selling them like Flipkart,Jabong,Snapdeal,Overstock etc.

Author – Divya Goel


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