Anarkali Beauties in True Blue

Anarkali is my personal favourite when it comes to wearing an Indian Attire. But anarkali looks ravishing when it is long and long to the floor length. Anarkali suits date back to the Mughal era rule in India. It was the popular story of Anarkali the dancer after who this suit style has been named. Anarkali is a style in which the cloth is cut and stitched to give the suit a required flare and make it look stunning. Anarkali suits are making a hot trend on the fashion runway since 2 years now. The long length of these suits make a heart flatter on the floor and pump it up to want it.

Anarkali suit as I said is my personal favourite so here is one of my collection. Also this suit has been self designed and this blue color is a hot color for the winter season. It always brings a warmth and a feeling of joy during winter season.

Blue Anarkali floor length suit designed by Divya Goel

Blue Anarkali floor length suit designed by Divya Goel

This Blue Anarkali suit has been made out of net fabric and has red and gold embroidery done with Gota work on the belt area and the sleeves. The borders have been added to make the anarkali look heavier and prettier.


2014-05-25 18.43.01


In order to order this Anarkali kindly feel free to contact us.

2014-05-28 11.48.28

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Author – Divya Goel



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