Denim Rush..Denim Love

Denim is the basic cloth requirement for every boy/girl. When the word denim pops out what comes to mind is the blue jeans. However denim can also be related to shirts. Denim shirts look extremely gorgeous. I am simply in love with this pretty look.


Denim Shirts look pretty with black, blue , grey, and any other color. One needs to simply wear it flaunt it and style it well. Denim shirts are a casual approach to dressing up. They can do wonders to a look of any boy/girl.

It is a Unisex fashion trend. Also denims looks hot when worn with brown as well. Denim shirts are the best buy from American Eagle. All the shirts in the blog post are from American Eagle Outfitters. Also denim shirts look uber hot when in wash effect or in tye dye print.

denim shirt



Denim shirts can be worn in various styles. Like in the images above we have a denim shirt thrown over a black tee and also in one of the images we have a denim shirt in a tucked in style.

Denim shirts look nice and naive when worn with high waist jeans in black,blue,grey and brown.

Another style to sport a denim shirt is to wear it like a shrug or a jacket. The model in the image below is wearing a batik print jumpsuit from Bali along with a denim shirt from American Eagle Outfitters in a shrug style.

IMG_6050Denim Shirt above makes the model look classy, casual and sexy and a complete chick. It is the best look when going out on an adventurous trip.

Have fun flaunting your denims girls and boys. Just go out in all odds and even ways to showcase your denims. You’ll surely rock the trendy denims and look your best. But remember never wear denims to your formal meetings. That will be way too going out unless you are working in a creative department. All the Best for your Denim Look!!!

Author – Divya Goel



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