Bags to Love

All girls love to flaunt their bags in their arms like their arm candies. It is an essential part of your dressing. The bag you carry along makes an impression on the person you are set forth to meet and greet. Bags come in various sizes and shapes and one must sport the right bag with the perfect outfit. We have Bagyard to help us out on the serious bags shopping issue. Bagyard has beautiful and contemporary styles of bags to flaunt. This is a Delhi based label that has got amazing purses to offer us all.


This Pink and Black envelope styled clutches are a cute and hot bags to carry with your lovely maxi dresses and also with your cocktail dresses. The shape and the color of the bag is truly inspired by the girlie love for colors. The pink is a hot pink which is a must have bag shade in a woman’s wardrobe.IMG_6721

The above blue bag is a smart way to carry to your corporate meetings and also for a regular carry on. The color of the bag is a beautiful blue tone that accentuates the mood and style of the one carrying it. Also this bag has an edge over making statement style as this gives a denim look with a formal twist.IMG_6712

White Beauties with a quilted pattern are a rare sight. The above bag is a party on carry on style. One may carry it for a brunch with friends and make an everlasting impression.


This orange carry on is yet another marvellous peace in Bagyard’s collection. One must have this bag in their very own collection of bags. This color is pretty to kill anyone and everyone. When carrying this bag with you I’m sure you are gonna make many hearts flatter over you and many will be jealous over your style statement. One must buy this bag.


The printed bags are a new trend to sport. They give you an edgy, sporty, and a classy look. But yes you need to pick the right print for you. Also these kind of bags speak more about your personality so you need to be careful while picking up this trend. Bagyard has the best prints to offer you that may not be a hindrance to your personality and rather give you a sheen makeover look.


The tote style bags are a wonderful peace when going out on a shopping trip with your friends. The bag below is a perfect trendy tote to sport. This bag has a lovely print and speaks loud and clear for the girls who love to shop and make a style statement. This bag is for all the fashionistas out there. So girls hurry before the bags sell out.

IMG_6719Feel free to contact us for the details on these classy pieces and we are here to sell the collection of Bagyard. Have a happy shopping day.

Author – Divya Goel


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