Spellbound By Nature

Nature is the phenomenon of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, landscape, and other features and products of the earth as opposed to humans or humans creation. Nature is within us and around us. It is a complete beauty of God’s Creation. Being a Leo by Zodiac I always have been attracted towards royal things and beauty. A Tiger and a Lion in the wild are the perfect example to set forth for a Royal term in the Natures Wildlife. Also being my own sun sign. đŸ˜›

I have an indefinite love for Leopard Prints and being the winter season around the corner what more can we ask from the Nature’s call.



The leopard print is what signifies the royal blood of nature. Here we have a peplum leopard print top from Forever 21 that strikes a balance between fashion trend and the evergreen print. This top is best suited to the pear shaped body type. As it accentuates the thin waist and covers the bulge at the lower waist. Also it suits well the lean shaped and hour glass bodies. A lean shaped person looks taller and thinner with this top style.



The black pants are a fitted stretch lycra pants from Zara. These beautiful pants are a comfort wear and look stunning because of the matt lycra finish. Also these pants are not just a pull up pant but with a button up option. Black always works wonders when it comes to styling it with a perfect leopard print. Not only that it makes the look complete and classy.



A black Leather Tote is what is seen carrying with the Leopard Print. Also Leather is what is related to be a part of nature. But to save the animal race we use faux leather but just to give an impression of pure leather. This Big Tote Bag is a purchase from Forever 21. The golden zip is what makes the bag look elegant and different from the usual tote bags. It looks stunning when paired with the clothes.

Also we have Rayban Sunglasses in Aviator shape with green lenses and a gold frame. These sunglasses look best on almost all face shapes and sizes. Not just that they are more or less referred to the Army’s Sunglasses. And when one calls them with that name it is a part of nature as the Indian Soldiers uniform is designed to cater to it.







Another beautiful piece is the hand cuff in wings style. This gorgeous cuff is another purchase from Forever21 and in gold color. This gives one a feeling of pride and freedom as when wings are attached to someone they can fly off away from the sins of the world. I know I am going way too deep philosophical but doesn’t matter much.:P



Last but not the least are the Earth Gray Color Sandal Booties from Catwalk. These booties are a fun footwear which can be worn to a casual day or a formal meeting as well. The color is simply well adjustable to the walk of nature. The earth gray color also adds a different look to the entire outfit.

It was fun to wear the complete outfit with all the accessories and walk out under the sky. Also these brands have a wonderful collection to showcase and I look forward to shop more and more and have a whole lot happy shopping!!

Author – Divya Goel






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