When I fell in love with Myself all over again!!!

Every girl wants to look pretty and prettier day by day. No one wants to age as the years go by and instead remain and feel as a Sweet 16 Teenage everyday. Although age draws upon maturity and confidence in a girl that only adds to a Beautiful Lady in oneself. I love to be dressed English. And ofcourse that is the most promising dressing for any girl when wearing her Little White Dress on a chilly winter Morning.

Delhi Winters have just started on and they are being better and better as the days are rolling in. Its not too cold neither too warm. Its cozy and nice and the best season of all times to dress and show your Hotness Personified.


Yes it is that time of the year when I could wear my Little Flowy White Dress  and still look stunning. The dress is nicely made with a Croatia knit and plain white georgette. It is a gift and a pretty one. The baby collar to the dress adds more of a girlie girl touch and not bring age to the dress. Also it is a cut sleeves dress with a nice V cut neck in front and back. However the back is a deep one with a centre zip to add some glamour quotient.

White dress works wonders on any skin tone. Be it an Indian skin type or any Skin type it always looks good. It also works phenomenally well when you wear this color to work, party, casual brunch or dinner. White is an evergreen color for all occasions.

The jacket in this look added more sophistication and glamour to the entire outfit. It is a quilted printed jacket from Marks and Spencers. Also the jacket has been stitched in the best way to top up on any dress , skirt or jeans and look formal yet casual. It is best suited to a body type which is an hourglass shape, lean, and tall built. A person with a pear shaped body type will look all the more heavier on the bottom with such a light colored jacket.



The stockings add a winter look to the outfit. It makes one look sexy and formal at the same time. Also the booties in grey color add much attraction to the outfit. The grey color booties give a 3rd color to the entire outfit and helps to stand out. The booties are from Catwalk. The outfit has been well accessorized with the necklace in black and white pearls from Forever 21.



The entire look is best worn to any casual meeting with a friend or relative. You may add more accessories and bling it up for any party.




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