Wednesday Blues!!!

As the days have names they also do have colors associated to them. Days and Colors go hand in hand. In a musical tone it is always read as Monday Blues but in days tone it is Wednesday Blues. I feel I have given enough knowledge about days and colors and lets get to our fashion trends and style.

Today I am saying Hello, Namaste, Good Evening to all my dear readers. I am back after a long vacation. It was my brother’s wedding and I am going to post a blog on one of the outfits I wore for wedding days and nights. I had a small cocktail evening amidst the lavish one at home with my near and dear ones and today I shall post a blog on the same.

2015-02-05 01.53.28-1

The blue sweater is a purchase from Kazo. It is a knitted sweater and is a snug on. It is a royal blue tone which is bet suited for a night party. I wore it for a cocktail eveing and it looked ravishingly hot. All needed to pep up the sweater was a necklace from Forever 21 in white stones.

Also the sweater got much more highlighted once it was paired with a black fur top which was a gift from abroad.The fur added much glamour needed to the outfit. As it is winters in Delhi it was essential to keep oneself wrapped in warm clothes and still look pretty. This combination of top, sweater and necklace provided charm to the night party.

2015-02-05 01.53.23

The accessories were kept minimal and hence all the attention was drawn towards the outfit. The blue denims from Vero Moda were smart and chic enough to embrace the beauty of the complete outfit.

2015-02-05 01.52.48The hair were twisted into soft romantic curls to add glamour and chic look. The curls however were not made out of using tongs but simply curled over finger and pinned in over damp hair. A lot of spray went into volumnising the hair and having them stay for a longer duration.

I would love to see my readers try out such curls and send me a picture of their beautiful hair.

Have a lovely evening and get ready for a cocktail with your friends.

Author – Divya Goel


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