Goodbye to Delhi Winters

Every year we Delhiites wait for seasons to come and go. When its Spring we wait for Summer when Summer we wait for Autumn and when Autumn we wait for Winters and once we have Winters we wait for Spring and the cycle of seasons and their wait continues. It is a general human tendency that a person cannot be satisfied with what he/ she has in hand but their need and want grows more an more. What do we have with Seasons and their onset and offset is the Revival of Fashion trends and a change in what to wear.

Delhi surely has a best climatic condition to sport every fashion trend and as a Delhiite I love the climatic conditions here. It is February mid and almost the time to say Goodbye to Delhi Winters and Say hello to Spring Season. Spring brings in the floral and fauna of Delhi and sheds away all the dullness of Winters and makes you keep away your warm clothes wrapped in bags.

Before we say our final goodbye to Delhi Winters I would love to showcase a winter trend. Sweaters are a formal part of Winter season and one needs to keep themselves wrapped in the cosy knit cardigans. To get your hands on a warm thick knitted cardigan is very difficult here in Delhi but yes I had a very beautiful woman in my life who gifted me a sweet pink Australian wool and Australian made cardigan with a hood. This cardigan is very warm and made of very thick wool. It is hand knitted by the craftsmen of Australia.

2015-02-04 15.34.07

This Pink cardigan has everything to say and be a fashion trend in itself. No major accessory needs to be added onto this outfit and let the cardigan talk it out. But yes if you wish to really add a nice chunky piece to it then see what did I have to add.

2015-02-04 17.33.56

A beaded ear cuff is all you need to add to the outfit and make it look prettier. But I not only wore the Ear cuff by itself instead I wore my own Pair of Diamond Earrings along with the ear cuff. It not only added much more glamour but also a fancy twist to the outfit.

Next Best thing in my outfit are the hot long pair of Tan Brown Boots. These boots are a leather make. They are long enough to cover your legs till your knee and protect you from the harsh winds in winters and make you look smoking hot at the same time. The boots are however simple and subtle but always remember that Simple looks Hot when it comes to knee length boots.

2015-02-03 16.35.57

Also you may see that the colors I played with are only Black Brown and Pink. Black and Brown always look super awesome with Pink and this highlighted the pink color more. If I would have opted for any other color in my outfit then the pink color of the cardigan would have not been the Apple of the Eye.

So my lovelies just a Style Suggestion that when you play with a nice color outfit play with subtle colors when you want the particular outfit to get flashy and seen by all.

Hope you all had a lovely time reading my blog. Appreciate your comments in the comment box.

Love Much


Divya Goel

That Closet Label

Fashion Blogger – Stylist


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