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Hey Folks,

Today I have another website review. This is the best site for Vouchers I have come across. I have tried many sites for purchasing vouchers but this one is extremely smooth and easy. The site I am talking about is latest in India and is VoucherCloud India. Yes this site has been in action for a long time in UK and many other countries but it is relatively new in India.

I have surfed a lot of sites when it comes to purchasing vouchers for Eateries or Spa Treatments and Resort Bookings. But this one has much of a twist to it. You may easily get vouchers for Purchasing electronics too but Fashion wear is hardly to be found on any site. This site has every need of a human being to cater too.

It is often said that ” A man needs 3 basic things to live his life viz., – Cloth, House and Food.” This site easily satisfies all these basic needs of we humans.

Clothing is an essential need of anyone but these days more than an essential it has become a “Fashion need.” On Vouchercloud I had the most fantastic shopping experience as you get to compare all the sites with their “Sales and Promotion Vouchers” available. There are thousands of vouchers to choose from and make a choice which is best suited to you. These days we have soo many shopping portals such as Elitify, Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra etc to shop products from. But it becomes really hectic when we need to compare them with their promotional deals by maximising and minimising a window. With Vouchercloud all I had to do was scroll down on their website and see which company had the best promotion going on and simple avail that by clicking on their link.

It is often difficult to even remember or come across all the deals going on when you hit out to shop online. With Vouchecloud all you have to do is create your account and you have all the deals at your finger touch.

Ah I remember to mention while I was shopping on Vouchercloud I followed these basic steps to make my purchase way easier:

1) I created my account as the first step to begin with a wonderful experience on Vouchercloud.

2) Having a look at the site I got a feel of it and found it really simple and clear. The icons for various categories like Women Clothing, Men Clothing, Electronics, Restaurants, Footwear, Makeup and Hair Products, Laptops etc are perfectly designed and any lame person can understand what it means by looking at it. Also to make it much more easier just when I had my scroller on the icon it read out what it meant. The site is very beautifully designed.

3) I also had a clear look at the tabs on the site. You may choose the category of vouchers you want to have a look at or simply enter in your chosen category. In my shopping experience I chose Women Fashion Coupon’s icon and there I was to start on with my purchase.

4) The next step was to see all the brands associated with the site and the coupons they offered. Now there are numerous brands and numerous coupons. Quite a difficult choice to make when you are not clear what product to buy. Same was the case with me. All I knew was that I want to avail the best from the site. 😛

So how I went about doing it was that after having a look at all the coupons option I freezed out on a company with which I wanted to make a purchase with. I am glad I found Elitify as their partner company.

5) Now on their website they also have a “Search Bar” on the top left side corner. I filled my need for Elitify and got good 14 vouchers available for the company. This was extremely mesmerizing. When you turn to Elitify website you do not get to see all the sales and promotional activities as easily as you get to see on Vouchercloud.

6) Now I had my next big task to freeze out on one voucher i.e a deal. A deal that makes your heart go shop shop and shop. There I was scrolling up and down with all available 14 vouchers and Taddah I got to finalise on one good voucher.

Once I finalised my coupon I had to simply click on “Get Code” and there was my shopping code that would avail me the best deal on the product. All I had to do was next click on “Copy Code” and I ahd my code saved with me for check out at shopping.

7) As I mentioned earlier I selected Elitify as my shopping site I had again a wide variety of products to choose from. Elitify is a site with all big fashion houses under one shopping arcade oops site. I scrolled up down left right centre and then after having a good look at the products I finally got to choose one and head out for the payment page.

8) Remember I had copied the code at Vouchercloud site. Now was the time to apply it. At the payment time I put that Voucher and applied it to my product and Magic happened. My product which was earlier priced at a hefty amount got discounted with the Voucher I copied from Vouchercloud India. No jokes folk but the voucher worked.

This was it I made my purchase and was happy with the smooth working of the site. But did you notice It did not take me 10 steps to follow. It was so simple and clear that I made my purchase with just 8 steps.

Things to note:

– I did not pay any amount to avail the voucher first. The coupon was free of charge.

-Nor did I have to answer too many questions before creating my account on Vouchercloud India.

-One more thing to mention here is that The first step was not a necessary one. But I created an account so that I get to know of all the deals and can save them for my future use.

-One more really important feature of this site is that once you register with them you do not get unnecessary emails about promotional activities like other site. They do not hinder your time by sending you spam emails and making you delete the spam emails as compared to various shopping sites.

-All shopping brands and companies are listed on the home page at the bottom of the site to save your time from searching them by clicking on any other link.

– Anyone can share the voucher of a brand they want to be promoted on their site by clicking on Share your Voucher on home page at the Right side down corner.

-VoucherCloud also has a link to enter into contests run by various brands. All you have to do is click on Competition on the top right side of home page bar. The contests are genuinely run by the brand sites.

Ok I know a review is not complete unless and until we write down the drawbacks of the site or product. But to my experience I really did not face any bad side of this site. Everything is just perfect about this site.

I also mailed Vouchercloud and had a quick response to my mail. So when a site replies to your email at a fast pace then it is surely working in the right direction. As many of our problems are solved on email today.

Yes for the APPFrenzy people Vouchercloud also has a free app in Playstore.

Hit the link http://www.vouchercloud.co.in  and have a look at the site. I’m sure you’ll love it and will shop more and save more at the same time.

I shall soon post a review of the Product shopped with Vouchercloud and Elitify in association.

Love much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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