A Faux Leathery Treat with Green!!

Green is a color that I often do not like to wear in my styling. The color Green needs to be the perfect shade or else it turns down the entire look of the outfit. There are so many shades of Green but to find the perfect one is an extremely difficult job. Go Green has been the Mantra of life, Keep your city Green is the Mantra for Delhi but Wear Green has to just the Right Key to Green.

Not just picking the right shade of Green is essential for dressing but to also match it well. Green might look boring if you don’t wear it right. I picked my favourite Green Crop Top in a Jewel toned Green with poufy sleeves and yes full sleeves. This Green top is a Saturn top so Girl’s can wear it only in Winters or if the weather is breezy like these days in Delhi.


This Green Top is Pleated in the centre and makes it look formal. The buttons are again made of the same fabric in small round balls and they add much needed oomph to the crop top.Also this skirt has hidden the small slit in the crop top but that makes the delicate view to the naval and makes it look ultra glamorous.

The top looks ravishing when it got to be clubbed with this leathery treat in the from of a skater skirt. Thus Skater skirt is a purchase from Forever21. The skirt is made of soft faux leather that gives the perfect flare a skater skirt requires. It is often seen that skater skirts in leather are a sport affair but here I made a little change to the old norm. This skater skirt in leather makes the outfit look formal yet  chic. Wore it for a formal dinner and trust everyone appreciated it.



The skater skirt has a zip to it on the back and thus when one wears it, it gives the proper fit. A leather skater skirt with an elastic band will not look that great as it looks with a zipper. Also this skirt is made with such fine faux leather that it does not make one feel that one is wearing a faux and not an original. But remember it is skater and flary that does not make you feel warm.


The dress is perfectly accessorized with just a tinge of Pearl buckle black belt. This belt makes the outfit  the much needed formal look. Also the stocking in transparent black added some glamour touch. That is not all stiletto heels are always an outfits best friend. Here is also I played with stilettos from Forever21 with Studs detailing. A statement floral ring is what that completed my look.

Now the hair is what is messy and curly and yet open. Yes girls messy hair is good hair to  wear. Be it a formal gathering or an informal gathering messy is the new style statement when it comes to wearing our long tresses. But yes for that nice grungy messy look you do need to work on your hair. Don’t just walk out of your bed thinking its nice – remember to work and make it look nice. For the lips I used my Lancome Rose Red lipstick and it was really good for the night wear.

And there was I ready to go for my formal dinner with a twist in my dressing.

Hope you liked reading the blog. Leave your comments in the comments section.

Love much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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