Wedding Look #1

Indian Weddings are a lavish affair. It is not just about getting 2 people wed to each other but 2 families getting hitched to each other for all through their life. An Indian Wedding is full of Rituals, Food, Flavours, Dance, Music, Colorful clothes, Huge Gathering, Blessings, Gifts, Flowers, Decoration, Pomp and Show, Jewellery and many more elements. The Bride and Groom are the major attraction of the wedding but the clothes of the family members is not less important. Be it the Groom’s and Bride’s Mother, Father, Sister, Brother or any person of the extended family all are engaged heavily to have their best feet put forward in the best designer clothes.

Wedding in a family means one needs to start preparing very much in advance. Given 9 months to prepare is also a less time. The clothes and the jewellery take a toll on the families. To cater to such needs there are various Big Banner Designers available like the names of Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Tarun Tahiliani, JJ Vallaya, Manish Malhotra, Vikram Phadnis, Rohit Bal, Manish Arora,  Anita Dongre, and many more beautiful Indian Designers. These designers are a combination of 3C’s viz., Classy, Costly and Celebrity Designers. These designers cannot be afforded by everyone and hence we also have some markets in Delhi and Kolkata which copy the designs of these masters and sell them at a lower price. But always remember that True Design is a Gold and a copy is always coined as a Silver.

Even for beautiful ornaments we have various  jewelers who have amazing and stunning pieces to showcase and the names of such biggies are Manohar Lal Saraf & Sons Delhi, Tribhuvandas Bhimji  Zaveri Kolkata and many more. I would also like to inform you that many designers also design beautiful jewellery and the names of such designers are Sabyasachi Mukherjee, and Tarun Tahiliani.

This was all about Big Budget Designers and their Creations. As I mentioned above that they are high end designers and not everybody’s pocket is a designer friendly pocket, so many shop from local markets. But I must say that even a local market is not very cheap. So for me I love to design my own creation and wear it for different occasions when it comes to Indian wear. It’s not that I cannot afford Indian market but I have a high Brand designer taste when it comes to wearing Indian clothes.

Today I shall showcase to you all a lehenga – an Indian form of Long Skirt with a short Blouse and a Dupatta to drape. This dull pink gold lehenga has been completely designed by me and my mother. We both really worked hard on this to just get the perfect look for the D- Day of my Cousin’s wedding.

1 (66)

I shall start with the Lehenga details. The lehenga looks simple and subtle. It seems really easy to have it made. But let me tell you my lovelies that it is just as complicated as it looks. This lehenga is a 20 meter fabric that got draped around 26 inch waist size. So now you all must be scratching your brains to understand how I got it done and make it look so fresh and easy. It does not look clumsy anywhere near the waist and no fabric was cut anywhere using a pair of scissors. The flare of the lehenga is what is the turning point and attracts every eye. Also the lehenga has a nice gold tinge to it that makes it look ready to be worn for the wedding day.

The next element in this attire is the Blouse. It is a short Crop top as per the Western Terms. This blouse also has had a lot of work on it. It is full of sequins embroidery and also took quite a lot of time to get it made. Also the fabric is a Net but not any ordinary net. The blouse has thread work along with Sequins work in an Antique Gold Copper tone mix. The gathers at the sleeves is a sure shot way to beautify the work and make it look like an Indian Princess style lehenga.

1 (68)

The third element in this lehenga is the Dupatta. It is a 3 meter fabric which is draped around the waist and upper body to make it look like a saree drape. This dupatta also has Sequins work on it. The Indian lehenga attire is something which is classy yet sexy.


This lehenga that I am showcasing to all of you here is an Indian form of a Wedding Gown which has been slit into 3 parts. In order to describe it I shall put it as the Dupatta into a Long Veil, the Blouse into a Corset top of Gown, and the Lehenga into the Flary Skirt of the Gown.


The lehenga left alone is pretty but it becomes prettier when we add pieces of beautiful jewellery to it. I have personally worn classy heavy Kundan Stone work Chandbali Earrings which have Meenakari detailing on the back. These beautiful Earrings are 6 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Also as I said they are heavy weight earrings an ear chain has been attached to them again made of Kundan Stones.

This was just one piece of Jewellery. To add more glamour I wore a Passa Maang Tikka as the centre piece of my hairstyle falling right in the middle of my forehead. It was yet again made of Kundan Stones and Gold finish.


Indian Jewellery is not restricted to just this much. But for feet we also have beautiful anklet called Payal. The payals are again made of Kundan Stones and are finely crafted into a beautiful style.

As for my waist belt I played it smart and got a bracelet converted into a Waist Chain. It was a small subtle piece that set right on my waist and gave a nice sheen and shine to my waist. The thin waist was aptly decorated with this beautiful jewellery piece.

1 (69)

The necklace was made of Pearls and Gold and it looked just right for this kind of outfit. The best compliment I received from a near and dear one was that I looked like a Sabyasachi Bride. And that was an utterly touchy compliment for me as I adore the designer and his collections.


Ahan!! I missed out on a very important Indian Wedding art. And yes that is the Mehandi art. It is an Indian form of Tattoo and it stays for a good amount of 10 days. It takes a lot of  and effort by the artist to make beautiful designs that describe a story on one’s hand. This is one of the most important part of Indian Wedding.

1 (67)

The makeup was also self done and yes I like it Simple and Subtle. So for me it is not putting in a lot of colors but to have it nice and pretty. I played with a bronze face with Plump lips. The eye liner on Indian eyes looks lovely to me along with Kohled eyes and that is one makeup technique never to miss out on.  For my Hair I surely did visit a professional hair dresser and he played on nice soft romantic curls on me.


2015-05-05 20.29.33

I styled this lehenga with yet another beautiful clutch from The Style Closet and it looked ravishing with it. Do check them out for more stunning collection of them on

Indian Wedding is a long affair and a lavish one and so does my blog reads long and lavish. Hope you guys had a lovely time reading the blog. Keep reading and spreading your love on my blog.

For any queries and styling needs do contact me on my blog or any of the available social networking sites. I also do designing for Indian wear and you can contact me for the same.

Love Much

Divya Goel

That Closet Label

Fashion Blogger – Stylist


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