Wedding Look #7

When we talk about Weddings we mean a big Family Reunion on a large scale where everyone is so dressed to perfection and look uber pretty and beautiful and handsome. On this Mother’s Day I present this blog post to my Mum who encouraged me to start my fashion blog. This blog also features her.

Mother is very important part during any wedding for every person. Be it for the groom or for the bride or for the pretty girls and handsome boys who are attending the marriage ceremonies. It is the mother who dresses their child first before they get dressed themselves. And so does my mother do. Today I shall showcase to you all her dressing during a marriage nuptial.

3 (12)

This gorgeous Bronze Gold Saree has been a creation of me and my mother. It is just perfect to be worn for any family occasion. My mother wore it for a Sangeet , Tikka Ceremony and had a lot of hearts pondering their love for it. The saree got us roaming through many fabric markets in Delhi and Kolkata. The beautiful border is from Kolkata.

3 (13)

This Bronze Stretchable fabric is the USP of this saree and the beautiful floral gold border adds much grace to it. It falls so perfectly as the “Pallu” of the saree and makes all eyes turn towards it. Their was no need to accessorize much wearing this saree and just a Polki Kanthi necklace and diamond bangles were sufficient to carry with this saree.


The blouse of this saree is the next bling thing. A bold sequins blouse looked ravishing with this saree. But yes the sequins had to be big and good and stunning. Also the color was important as a bright gold would just look horrifying and this subdued gold looks pretty and hot with this saree combination.


The Pleats of this Saree had another element added to it and was a subdued shade of Gold in net with a lot of Swarkoski work on it. Plus the border runs all along the saree and also enhances the beauty of the pleats. The net fabric is so light and worked upon so nicely that it made just the right set of pleats to fall perfectly.


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Love much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger

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