Baby Doll with Pink Lips

The caption reads more of a song but it is true for all Little Ones. The sweet, innocent, charming faces of little girls are all swinging left right up down when these songs play. Sunny Leone dancing to these numbers have created a magic for all little princess. Today Girls as old as 2 want to dress up like a baby doll and look glamorous. It is long lost fact that girls that age have no idea about fashion trends. Toddlers these days are all equipped with fashion sense.

Yes you guys have guessed it right. This blog is all dedicated to the young fashionable girls. My model in this blog is my niece who really loves to pose and get dressed.


How lovely does she look in a beautiful Pink Gown by Jingle Bells. This look is all set to go for a wedding look for kids. The pretty gown from Jingle Bells is so soft and bouncy that it makes the child feel nice and comfortable. Also The gown has a can can lining to it but yes the can can lining is very soft and does not hurt the legs of the child.

The flare and the crush of the gown makes it look more or less like a wedding gown for brides. The roses are red is the perfect saying for this beautiful stunner. The big roses scantily embroidered are looking fabulous on the gown. It is rightly said that the person wearing an outfit should be able to carry

it well and so does this little girl proves herself smart and fashionable.


The gown is made in cut sleeves and has a top separate with it with frilly red sleeves made out of hosiery fabric and net. This is to ensure that the child does not feel any bit of incomfort. The frill on the gown is just perfect and neither too much nor too less. It does not succumb the child in the gown but also lets her breath and be her playful best.


The hair are neatly tied up in a bun and secured with a nice red floral clip on the head. This completes the look of the gown and the style.  She surely looks like a stunner and a beauty. The gown as you can now notice is a floor length and moves like a trail when she walks.


For kids it is a no makeup look. It will be wrong on our part to put makeup on the skin so fresh and radiant and damage it. So this girl is a beauty in herself and walks down like Cinderella in her pretty gown and her shoes. But here the shoe is going to stay and she will look like a Princess all the while.

Coming up soon with another blog post on Kids Fashion but “boys”.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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