Glitter Gloss Tinsel Nails

A girl is never dressed completely until and unless she has pretty nails by her side. It is so difficult to have manicured hands but Not Just French Manicure.It is a true notion that having French Manicure Nails is a Passe’. Nails look trendy and classy with a touch of bling onto them. But don’t fret if you dont have much time to hit the parlours for Nail Arts….Yes you read it  right… You can now achieve beautiful nails at home only with just a few tips.

I shall showcase you some beautiful Nail Art designs which have been self done on my very own nails. But yes I have to care for them by eating right and not have brittle nails that break easily. Also I hardly cook so its okay for me to have long nails and easy to care as well. Those of you who do not have long nails can visit the parlour once in 15-20 days and have nail extensions done which do not cost much and stay intact also. And yes for the ones who bite their nails kindly stop if you want to have pretty nails.

So here is my First Nail Art Design which is a Floral Bling Concept.

  • For this all you need to do is shape your nails with a nail filer into a sqaure shape.
  • Next Apply a coat of blingy pink nail lacquer, I have used Maybelline and leave behind the tips of your nail.
  • For the tips Apply a golden matte shade of nail lacquer, again I have used Maybelline and now let it dry for some time.
  • Once it is dry enough apply a layer of sparkle in golden with the help of transparent nail lacquer and if you are lucky enough to find bold golden nail lacquer with sparkles then it is an easy bet for you. But be careful to not spill it on your pink lacquer. While applying it make a little curve bent onto one side of the nail.
  • Next step is to apply beads and you can find them on any beauty store. They come in small bottles or order them online on any Korean website. Now applying them will be little hectic as it takes some time. With a tip of brush you need to pick every single bead and apply with the help of a nail adhesive.
  • Once you are done with this apply a coat of transparent nail paint to give it a shine.
  • But what we forgot is the tricky part of making our flower on one half nail. For this you’ll need brushes as small as 000 size. This needs to be done with a lot of care. Trace your flower with a black nail paint on the edge you want and take out the petals to one half size of the nail.
  • Now fill the petals with the gold nail paint in matte finish first and then use your gold sparkle onto it. To make a finish apply some Hot Pink Nail paint and I have used Mac to just highlight the petals around.
  • As for the bud area all you need to do is apply the beads again using the same technique as earlier.
  • And now you are done with your pretty nails.
    2015-02-05 23.36.34

2015-02-05 23.36.15

The Second Nail Art design is a Leopard Attack Concept.

  • This one is very simple and easy to do.
  • Apply a coat of transparent nail paint to all your nails.
  • Then Apply Golden Matte finish nail paint to the tips of your nails leaving the finger which you want to cover full in Gold.
  • Once done with that paint your one nail Golden Matte full.
  • Next step is to take a brush and paint the black imprints on your nails and again you have to be carfeul doing it. Make sure you make similar sizes and not too big or small.
  • Now take some black beads and put them on one nail next to your full gold nail in the inner portion using a nail adhesive.
  • Last step is to coat it with a transparent nail paint and make it look shinnier.



Here is the Third and Last Nail Art Design with Pink Silver Concept.

  • This is the easiest of all. All you need is a Fuschia Pink shade of Nail paint and Giltter Silver Nail Paint. First apply Pink Nail Paint to all your nails leaving one nail which you want to paint Silver. But when applying leave spaces in shapes of curves on each nail but in separate designs.
  • Next apply Silver Nail Paint to the nail you left behind.
  • Next apply silver nail paint to all the spaces left and add a dose of Silver sparkle to them which are big in size. I had a big sparkle Nail Paint in silver shade so I used that. You can order such nail paints from any Korean beauty sites or simple use bold glitter.
  • Add the last coat of transparent nail paint and it’s done.IMG_6071

The glittery nails look very pretty and a dose of glamour to any simple outfit as well. So whenever going out for a party do your nails pretty and let your nails do all the talking. For some more tips on nail art check this link 

I Hope you guys had a good time reading the blog post. Stay tuned for more.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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