Make a Wish : You <3

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Rachel Zoe


It is often said that actions talk louder than words and so does style talks about you rather than speaking out. Little Black Dress is a very common outfit and every girl/ woman can wear it around. But how do you really wear it makes for a good point to say and make a style statement. An LBD can make you look Sexy, Elegant, Classy, Casual, or anything and everything you choose out of it. It is just a matter of styling and let your clothes speak louder than words.


The Little Black Dress seen in the image below is a gift from my aunt in New York and is a very comfort dress. I know you must be having raised eyebrows for me to say a comfort dress as it fits right and tight on the body. But yes being comfortable in your own skin makes you feel comfortable in a dress as well. The dress is a perfect size and also has an elasticity to it. So when making a purchase for an LBD which is tight and fit do make a point to buy one that lets you breathe within.

Not just that about the LBD, it has a bandage dress look but not yet a complete bandage dress it is. So it makes fit to be worn for any occasion. I wore it for a birthday party of my niece. The dress has a nice neckline made with a soft net and has strings attached on it to tie them up in a bow on the back.


It is indeed important to accessorize the Little Black Dress. I swore to a mix of bling and subtle. As I said earlier the neckline of the dress was made of soft net so I did not feel right to play much with the neck and let it be simple. But yes when we keep our neck simple we can accentuate our ears. So here I wore my pretty long Gold earrings from Bharti Bhavya Jewels. These are pretty long and not just the tassle earring. These are finely worked earrings and are made into one long chain but not a simple long chain. The chain is worked in criss cross mode with a stud on top of it that goes in the ear like a top.

The next piece on my right wrist is a Silver Round Dial watch from Guess which is yet another gift on my 16th Birthday by my cousin Grandmother ( I know it sounds weird but that’s how big a family I have. Lol)


Other than the Earrings I am wearing a bracelet from Forever 21 in Gold. This too is a very beautiful piece and I got it very reasonable too. The cross over chain of the bracelet makes it look more stunning. It is very light and feels like you are wearing nothing at all.

As I said earlier I wanted to keep a mix of both Bling And Subtle and so here it is. I choose a subtle Green Suede bag from Zara to wear with this dress. The bag is a sling bag with just sufficient space to hold a cellphone, party makeup essentials like a lipstick and some money. The contrast color of the bag adds some amount of subtleness to all the bling and makes the attire look more classy.


The heels are an important part of dressing up. Unless and until you wear your heels the dress looks incomplete. I wore these Black Suede Gold Studded heels from Forever 21. The heel height is really nice and is 5.5inch tall.The peep toe is a good option to wear with a dress. And the studs are only on the toe part of the heel and not on complete footwear an that is what makes it look stunning footwear. Just this much amount of bling on black suede looks good to me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Stay tuned for more.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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