Live ~ Life ~ Majestic ~ Green

The color Green is mostly associated with life, energy, renewal, growth, environment in day to day life. But it also has some more meaning attached to it like Money, Finance and Wall Street Magic. This all is related to joy, happiness, and colorful life. On the contrary it is associated with greed, jealousy and envy too. But my post for the day reads about the Real Meaning of Life in Green.

Green is such a pure form of life and it can be felt in our daily life cycle too. The beautiful nature and environment with which we are surrounded all day long is full of greenery around us. Even a flower blossoms when it has greens as its roots. The life is simply about living and what other fine example of life we can draw other than the beauty of the nature. The plants come in all shapes and sizes and different tones of greens. They bring much fresh air and joy in terms of the flora and fauna.

In this blog post I am styling a gown which is self designed and is just a reflection of the importance of greenery and flora and fauna.

The embroidery on the gown is a darker tone of the green shade and again done in the shape of leaves.The embroidery is entirely done with the help of sequins and is complementing the gown very well. The leaves are not embroidered in one direction , however their heads are scattered to all points and directions giving them the real meaning of life. This is how they flow with the breeze and ease.


The shade of lipstick chosen is a vibrant pink to bring out the life. The hair is finely styled with curls at the bottom to give the perfect oomph to the outfit. Also curls represent the aura of the nature which is complex and still binding together and holding onto each other in unity. It is as simple as that , a flower cannot blossom without the plant and a plant too won’t look pretty enough without its magnificent flowers.


In order to keep the blingy factor on I just slipped on some gold and pearly rings and also added a sleek bracelet in gold and kundan. Other than that what pepped up the look was the beautiful nail art which was self done.

But how can I miss out on writing about my favourite flower “Orchid”. Well yes I wore a bracelet made out of real flowers Mogra and Orchid. Wearing real flowers did real wonders to the outfit. Also I will recommend you to wear one if you have a really close family function and look stunning.


The clutch is a must have with all your dresses. Be it short or long you need to carry a small wristlet with you. A girl has so many things to carry with her and my saviour for the night was my earth pink tone clutch. This complemented my outfit very well.


The striking part of this beautiful gown is its back. Its good to go deep with your back and show off the sexy back. Yet again I would like to state that this gown was self designed and it came out just the way I wanted it to.

Have a look at my Tiara too. Its again floral. OMG! How much am I in love with floral this season. I am writing so much about it everywhere. Aren’t you yet in love with floral? Cmon now it’s time for a tip – you don’t need to wear any floral print and hunt for the same for long if you love floral and just go grab yourself a tiara like this.


And last but not the least here is my little jump to just show you the footwear oops Heels. I love to stand tall and so do all pretty ladies. So you all must have a brown suede heels and this one is from ZARA. Perfect look for going natural and in love with the nature.

green gown 1

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog. (You can also place orders for the gown)

Stay tuned for the next.

Love much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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