Luxe Diwali : Repeat with Style

Feminist readings of fashion have often portrayed it as a kind of conspiracy to distract women from the real affairs of society, namely economics and politics. Fashion has been seen as a device for confining women to an inferior social order, largely because it demands an unequal expenditure of time and money by women on activities which do not attract the professional attention and efforts of men. Fashion works to intensify self-absorption and thereby reduces the social, cultural and intellectual horizons of women.


The above quote holds no truth to the society today.Women and Men are equally portraying their side of Fashion in every field of work. Be it a festival, professional commitment, social gathering or an event everyone wishes to look their fashionable best. But yes somehow the statement is partly correct as it does make a woman spend unequal expenditure of time and money as compared to the efforts on professional front.

Yellow Lehenaga2

This Diwali I being a fashion blogger wish to impart all my readers a knowledge that spending too much money on buying new clothes and throwing away old pieces which are hardly worn once or twice is not a good option. We Woman need to understand that a single piece of cloth can be worn in multiple ways and styled in a fresh look too.

Diwali is a festival of lights, colors, sweets, meeting and greeting family and friends, prayers,playing cards and on top of all its the festival to dress your best. And when it comes to dressing we all like to dress traditional. But we also understand that these traditional clothes take a toll on our pockets too as they come for a hefty amount. So this Diwali I styled with an old lehenga which was worn only once but with a new blouse and a dupatta. Trust me this little change brought an altogether new look to my outfit.

Yellow Lehenga

When it comes to wearing traditional clothes it is somehow good to leave your hair open and with soft curls as they make you look subtle and sexy at the same time. Also I wore a Maangtikka and added my cocktail ring to my look. Both are a purchase from Mumbai and bought by my mom.

Yellow Lehenga4

The complete Lehenga set is self designed. The Blouse and Dupatta were new pieces to my wardrobe collection. This beautiful blouse is yet again my own creation. However, we do not get this beautiful work on the blouse fabric here in India and thus this was a purchase made by my maternal Grandmother (NANI) from Indonesia. Even the lehenga fabric was a purchase by her from Indonesia only. I created a lehenga and a blouse out of both fabrics and also got my lehenga highlighted more with bead work.

Yellow Lehenga2

The Banarsi fabric is very much in fashion now a days. And this banarasi dupatta complimented my look very well. It gave the much needed traditional look to my outfit. The necklace made of Kundan and Pearls also added grace to the entire look.

Yellow Lehenga7

The footwear in gold is a purchase from Khan Market, Delhi. It is very difficult to find good flat sandals in gold and I got to nail one on the streets of  Khan Market.

Yellow Lehenga5

So Girls this season as I styled my Old Lehenga in an all new avatar you can also do the same with your Old Lehenga. Just mix and match your wardrobe essentials to create an all new look. This festive season mae sure you re cycle your wardrobe with what you have in your wardrobe.

You can click on the link to see the previous look.

You can also place order for getting a customised outfit.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog post. Stay Tuned for more coming up.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger

That Closet Label


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