Saree Love

India is a country with rich heritage, culture and traditions. The Indian clothing for woman is a 6 yard long rectangular fabric called a Saree. Every tradition and culture have varied forms of saree. I have found an immense love and pleasure in wearing Saree these days. And guess what to my luck it is also the wedding season round the corner. And to top it all I found one amazing Delhi Based Saree Designer who has got a fabulous range of Sarees in his kitty. He has made it possible for all young Girl’s who were drifting away from wearing this trend to come back to their roots and wear this beautiful clothing and look stunning always.

The designer label I am talking about is Pratham. He has a magnified taste of art and traditions of the Indian community from all sects and society and is developing this beauty in his collection of Sarees. One amazing Saree  which I am going to share with you today is a beauty in itself.


This Saree is a beautiful combination of Blue and Red with Gold work on it. The work is a fine blend of Gota and Zari thread along with Sequins. The embroidery is rich and vibrant and looks spellbound on the patches of fabrics placed on the palla of the Saree.


What I love about this Saree is the simplicity with elegance. This saree makes one look very rich and elegant and at the same time gives one a sexy look with lot of oomph involved in it. The pleats and the entire saree is a plain tusser silk fabric in a nice shade of red along with a border made out of Silver.


In order to Style this Saree well I simply chose very few elements. The earrings were a pair of long dangler in Blue and Silver. I also added a little funky yet ethnic element in the form of a Silver made clutch bag. The hair and makeup had to be subtle to make the saree do all the talking. A statement ring is one pretty accessory that a girl needs to always follow by as a statement to make.


You can shop the look for the saree at Punjabi Bagh or look out for the designer at his Facebook page

Hope you guys had fun reading this blog. Stay tuned to fall in love with more Sarees coming up.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label



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