It’s the onset  of New Year and a New beginning. With 2016 starting on I am writing my first blog post featuring one of my most loved Winter essential.

Do you remember the winter days
When we piled up the leaves and made them blaze,
While the blue smoke curled, in the frosty air,
Up the great wan trunks that rose gaunt and bare,
And we clapped our hands, and the rotten bough
Came crackling down to our feet, as now?

ALFRED AUSTIN, “The Last Night”, At the Gate of the Convent and Other Poems

Coat Brown 1

In this blog post I am wearing a beautiful tweed coat along with  a tweed brown skirt. This combination of dressing is way too classic and makes you stand tall in the crowd. The coat has a fabulous stitch. This coat is more of a dress rather than a basic coat and can be worn alone as a dress or even with a skirt or a pair of jeans. The pleats on the edges of the coat make it look all the more merrier.

Coat Brown 2The sleeves of the coat have also not been kept minimalistic when it came to styling them. The sleeves have a nice sheen pleated look. Also the pockets attached to the coat on the sides not only add a glamorous look to it but are also a convenient style. Coat Brown 3Stockings in winters always look fab and so do I love wearing this trend during Winters. Though Winters in Delhi are not yet in full swing but Winter Swag has to be in place for all fashion goers. These pretty brown leather boots are a purchase from Street Style Store. I simply adore these boots.Coat Brown 4Coat Brown

Brown and Black are the colors that always stay in Vogue during Winter season when we talk about Outerwears but for this season we have many more vibrant colors ruling the runway. Stay tuned as I write about such colors which are heading our runway fashion trends.


Keep Shining

Love much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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