A Bohemian Vibe

Forget the old illusion of the term “Free Spirit”. A free spirit shouldn’t mean defiance against society. A free spirit means to be untied from the binds you once held within yourself. Because the tried and true meaning of freedom is knowing and applying. It’s facing the aches to find the full stretch. It’s doing the work. Because in doing so, everyone benefits your family, your community, your friends, and of course, society itself.


As we read the above quote it holds a true meaning to the Womanhood who stand strong in this society and spread out to reach masses and favour the society in their own manner. This beautiful creativity of God in the form of woman definitely has the right to live free and completely carefree. _DSC7930pro copy(2)

Designer Label Pratham has beautifully inculcated his imagination with the Indian Art forms from rural and tribal households into his creative aspects. This beautiful saree has its touch from the land, people and culture of Rajasthan.

The quirky and bohemian nature depicted in this saree is perfectly suited to the emerging needs and taste of young woman who thrive to make a strong and bold appearance.


The moustache and a turban are a staple trend which men from Rajasthan are often seen wearing. The designer’s creativity in this saree is finely depicted and also portrays the love for cultural art forms.

For the past few years quirky prints have been ruling the fashion runway but this saree has got a lot of different aspect to it. This saree is not a printed form but all embroidered and I must say the craftisan have done a fabulous job. The embroidery is done intricately and very neatly.


A style inspiration for all young girls is to wear this quirky saree in  a more quirky way. Just drape it onto your jeggings and also a bold color like blue as shown below and you are ready to rock this trend. This trend is a light on the woman who believe to live free from any staple norms of the society and make rules which are best suited in their own interest.

_BAL4594pro copy(3)

Saree is not just the element which catches all the eye balls. The baby collared blouse has also garnered much needed attention. The blouse is a complete contrasting element with respect to the saree and looks ravishing as a concept.

I had immense fun while styling this saree for the designer and playing around with the accessories and props. One can just put in a lot of element to this saree or even go bare minimum with accessories as this saree in itself has a lot to say.

_DSC7866pro copy(2)

The designer has none the less also passed on the message of gender equality while depicting moustache and a turban which can also be carried by a woman in a different form and thereby passing on the burden of work, respect and livelihood from the sole shoulders of a man to the woman as well.

In order to make a purchase from the designer collection you may click on the link below : http://www.facebook.com/pratham009

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling – Divya Goel (That Closet Label)

Model Courtesy – Sheena Chohan

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and stay tuned for some more creative designs from this designer collection.

Love Much

DIvya Goel

That Closet Label


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