Power Dressing +Sari

Style comes with Poise, Poise comes with Attitude, Attitude comes with Power Dressing.

Sari has always been addressed to Indian Drape of a 6 meter long fabric over a woman’s body. It is always looked upon as an Indian garment which by far only Indian woman have been wearing. The West has also adorned this garment but it’s love has been restricted in the form of SariGowns but not in it’s organic form.

Today I along with Designer label Pratham, am going to showcase you one brilliant sari which I styled on Model – Actor Sheena Chohan from  the designer duo Prashant Garg and his wife Shweta Garg’s collection in a whole new form which am sure not only we Indian Girls are going to love but also the West will.

_DSC0498pro copy(2)

This beautiful Sari is a true 6 meter long fabric with embroidery on it. What I love about this sari is the elephant embroidery which has been done on this super rich fabric and brings in power to the whole garment.

Do You think Power Dressing only comes with wearing a Formal Suit?? I say a strict NO to that notion. This sari draped in the form of a Gown over a skirt(petticoat) and a blouse like an organic sari with just a little change to the Pallu or the end of the Sari that falls on the shoulder has brought in a lot of magic to this creation of the designer duo.

_DSC0679pro copy(2)

This graceful sari can not only be worn by young woman at professional front but also by any woman who wishes to go out on a formal or an informal gathering. Here to make this look in particular full of grace, poise, attitude and most importantly powerful I have styled the model with minimum makeup and a nice neat braided hairbun.

The accessories have been kept minimal and restricted to just one long pair of chain danglers, a waist belt to hold the Sari Gown right in place and a hand harness with owl motif on it. Now two different animal forms can be confusing at times but here elephant and owl both depict power and wisdom.So when addressing a Power Dressing with Sari I had no apprehensions using two diverse animal forms together.

_DSC0536pro copy(2)

The Designer Label Pratham is highly motivated by Indian Art Forms and Weaves in its collection. And this Sari is definetly a bespoke version of its collection as this fabric is a rich weave from the handlooms and also they have done complete justice when it comes to the final product.

_DSC0564pro copy(2)

In order to shop from this designer label head on to their Facebook Page : Http://www.facebook.com/pratham009 and they shall be soon coming up with a store at West Delhi.

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling and Blog – Divya Goel (That Closet Label )

Model – Sheena Chohan

Photography – Sundeep Bali

Hope you had a great time reading the blog. Stay tuned for falling in love with Sari all the more!!

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


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