Cupid Month

Hey all gorgeous ladies out there. It is the month of Love, Gifts and Celebrations. And today being the V – Day it is definitely a day to celebrate for all in love.

But what about the Single Ladies?

Is V-Day only for the ones in Love?

I say “NO”. It is also for those who are in Love with Themselves as well. It can be spent in a fancy way even if you are Single and in Love with yourself. So girls go out and pamper yourself. This post reads about ditching the usual red and going monochrome this V-Day.


I wore an oversized Knitted Zara Cardigan along with a leather skirt from Forever21 and thick black stockings. The reason why I ditched the usual Red of Love is because that is one color you see all over the streets and Being fashionable does not mean to go along with what everyone is wearing but making an appearance of your own.



Things all Single Ladies must do to make themselves feel special:

  1. Go Shopping Therapy Way.
  2. Get your Girl Gang and Party out.
  3. Dress for Yourself.
  4. Go on a Long Drive with your Girl Gang.
  5. Pamper yourself at a Beauty Salon.



I am definitely Love Struck with myself and am enjoying this V-Day with myself. Hope you guys had a lovely time reading this post.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label



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