Handwoven Interest

Beauty of Style, Harmony, Grace And Good Rhythm depends on Simplicity.

It is the call of the hour that people are looking out for Handwoven weaves and this has surely become one fashion trend, everyone is loving to sport. One such designer label who brings to all fashion mongers their need to quench their thirst for such fabrics and drapes is Pratham.

_BAL4760pro copy(2)

Pratham is an Indian designer label who caters to the needs of Saree, an Indian fashion garment which is gaining a lot of momentum even in West. This designer label is dedicated to crafting beautiful and simple yet elegant sarees which can be adorned by both elegant woman and also young girls. The designer label is initiated by husband wife duo Prashant Garg and Shweta Garg who have created some masterpieces in the form of Ghamcha Sarees using Linen fabrics. This fabric is definitely the need for Spring Summer 2016 collection.

_DSC8669pro copy(2)

The sarees are so intricately and beautifully designed that it is just onto the person wearing them as to how to go about styling the masterpieces. The image below shows you a model wearing their creation of Ghamcha saree as a work wear saree. Also in another image you may see that another variation of this saree can be worn as a quirky and a fun saree by any young girl. This saree brings in a lot of power and attitude when one dresses in the designer creation.

_BAL4792pro copy(2)

What I love about these sarees is that they are very easy to drape. I had a fun session styling these gorgeous sarees on Model turned Actress Sheena Chohan. When wearing the designer label one definitely does not need to over accessorize. Simplicity is the key to dressing when wearing these pretty creations.

_DSC8747pro copy(2)

When we talk about Ghamcha what usually comes in mind is the orange and red piece of cloth with white checks which the Pandits usually wear along with their dhoti kurta sets. But have you really thought of this design as a creative aspect in the form of Saree? I guess most of the answers will be “No”. But this designer duo have brought in their mind of creativity to the best possible use and imagination. This saree looks uber chic and stylish and can definitely be worn in multiple styles and one being your work wear saree.

_DSC8574pro copy(2)

Also not to miss out on the peplum blouse…The designer duo have brilliantly designed this piece as well. This peplum was a separate collection but when styling the saree I thought of all the young girls who would love to sport it along with something quirky and fashionable. This saree is simple and also a very light color which young minds would refrain themselves from wearing. But a bright colorful funky blouse will definitely make a “no” into a “yes yes situation”.

_DSC8686pro copy(2)

I must say one should definitely add these masterpieces into their wardrobe this season and flaunt them big time. In order to make a purchase one can visit them on http://www.facebook.com/pratham009 and book and appointment with them.

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling – That Closet Label by Divya Goel

Model – Sheena Chohan

Photography – Sundeep Bali + Manu Yadav

Make up Artist – Ekta Lulla

Keep reading the blog and stay tuned for some more fashionable tips and styles

Keep Shimmering

Divya Goel


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