Art Inspiration

_BAL5824pro copy(2)Creative thinking inspires Ideas. Ideas inspire Change.


For any creative person – inspiration from any walk of life is the key to success. Inspiration can come from a small boy by the streets, a small vendor on the roadside, an elderly woman with her grandchildren, any movie sequence or an art form. For various designers across the globe , the major source of inspiration is the art forms. This blog post reads about the collection of Designer Label Pratham who has drawed inspiration from Tribal Art Forms of Maharashtra known as Warli Art into their beautiful and intricately designed sarees.

_DSC0393pro copy(2crop)

Every young girl in India or overseas is taking fashion inspiration from Saree fashion and looks forward to wear one at any of their lifetime events. But they do not want to stick to the old fashion saree and instead want something Out Of The Box creation. And so does Designer Label Pratham thinks and designs OTB. This quirky creation is just suitable for all young ladies to wear it at their Farewell Parties or a Family Event.


On the same hand the designer duo have taken perfect inspiration from the Tribal Art form and curated it into two different styles. The above design makes it for a fun loving saree and the below image showcases us that the same work can be adorned in a prettier form and more Indian form. The heavy saree as worn by the designer herself in the image below can be styled perfectly for any of the occasions in the close family and friends.

_BAL5911pro copy(2)

In order to purchase these looks head on to the facebook handle of the designer and book yourself an appointment with them,

Hope you had a wonderful time reading this post. Stay tuned for more from this designer label in collaboration with my styling.

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling – That Closet Label by Divya Goel

Model – Sheena Chohan (Purple Saree) and Shweta Garg(Designer herself)

Photography – Sundeep Bali + Manu Yadav

MUA – Ekta Lulla

Love Much

Divya Goel




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