That Closet Label has been initiated by an Indian Girl whose love for fashion made her write about her fashion madness and spread all the knowledge she has with the world. Divya Goel is the girl behind this label. Divya Goel is also a self designer for her wardrobe and is happy to share all her closet frenzies with you.

That Closet Label is a solution to all your problems for a complete closet with every fashion trend in your closet.This label not only offers you with the knowledge on fashion but also provides you with the garments and accessories we write about. In order to make a purchase kindly feel free to contact me through the Contact Form.

That Closet Label – happened to me for good. Why the name That Closet Label? Here is the answer to it… It is indeed very easy a logic as to why I chose this name. Every girl desires to have a huge closet with all her fashion needs and desires. And every Girl also makes it a point to have one. So here I was with the name suggesting to every Girl / Woman’s wardrobe and shouting out loud that it is not just about my fashion but every Girl/Woman out there that we discuss in this blog.

As the tagline reads Style oneself with Comfort – this blog also showcases the fashion trends that every Girl/ Woman can wear it and not just runway fashion for the heck of it. I try to be comfortable in my own skin before giving out any fashion trend ideas to my readers. And so do I want all lovely woman out there to feel special in their own skin and think they are beautiful inside and out.

Have a happy day reading the blog and wish you a happy shopping spree with us.


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  1. Hi!
    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog. You’re free to reject it if you’re not too excited about the idea but I’d recommend you give it a reading on http://wp.me/p56VZt-1c. It’s a very Blogging Community thing. I’ve nominated you because I think you have a great sense of style that I admire. Thanks a lot 🙂


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