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Its high time since I have posted for all my lovely readers. But yeah I am back and with a lovely blog post on Lady in Linen. This blog post again features the collection by one of my favorite saree designers label in town ~ Pratham. This time around the designer label has something much more spectacular for your eyes. Its not the sarees with heavy embroideries which take a toll on us to drape them and wear them all day long for our events but instead are very easy to drape Linen sarees.

The sarees are suited for all age groups and can be worn to any of your events. Be it a Wedding event or your office wear dress code to just a causal outing. The range is very impressive and I must suggest my readers to have atleast one piece of the brands label in “The Closet”.

I will start by showcasing you all a lovely Yellow saree which is extremely simple and plain saree but the feel of it is very rich and aesthetic. This saree has been styled by me in a very Indianised form as per with the jewellery in case. The jewellery is from Ruchi Suri and you can contact her for all your imitations requests by following her on insta by the name  of Jewels by Ruchi Suri.

_MG_9395 (Copy)

This Saree is one which can be easily worn by Middle Aged woman and Older generation to anyday affair. And ofcourse our Young Generation too can wear this saree in a funkier way by adding some drama to the saree with the help of the blouse._MG_9369 (Copy)

The next saree I fell in love was this Pink saree. The color is Oh So Beautiful Pink!! Also I love the “Cow” motif on the palla of the saree. This saree is a lovely creation for all young girls who are wanting to wear something unique and exciting at their special events.


The Pink Saree has been inspired by the Pichwai Art Form and this art form has been very beautifully depicted on the palla in the form of Cow. The border of this saree is however inspired from another art form called Ajrak Art.

All together this saree is a masterpiece in itself!!


The designer label has come up with a fantastic concept of Using Ajrak Art on Linen Sarees and this can be seen on the following pretty sarees. A woman or a girl who would want to look all royal and regal at their events should definitely resort to wearing these sarees. And not to forget I have styled these sarees in different yet simple forms for one to know how to experiment with them. Again we have the silver jewellery and the pretty hand harness and earrings by Jewels by Ruchi Suri.

_MG_9119 (Copy)

This saree is a beautiful and rustic combination of Green with Rust and Black. I styled this saree in a rather traditional form with a regional touch to it. The peplum top is also a creation of the designer which has been styled with it.

The jewellery is yet again by Ruchi Suri and the necklace has been styled on the waist with pretty jhumka earrings.

_MG_9126 (Copy)

The very next creation is also from same art form and is a portrayed as a “Bold and Strong Woman Look”. This saree has a appealing brown color and has been styled keeping in mind office goers who wish to ditch the usual and have their own fashion statement.

_MG_9264 (Copy)

The handcuff is from Ruchi Suri and this handcuff makes the woman look strong and fashionable. The contrasting blouse styled with this saree makes all the elements stand out.

_MG_9285 (Copy)

_MG_9175 (Copy)

This is one of my favourite sarees. Yes you heard it right!! I being a young girl fell in love with this traditional saree. But yes the ajrak art form definitely does that to you. Also to add some funk I styled it with silver based jewellery and the necklace is again from Ruchi Suri.

_MG_9219-Edit (Copy)

Another Saree which has been styled in a Maharani Style with Silver ornaments from Ruchi Suri in the form of necklace and all other being stylist and designers collection is a very bold depiction of this saree.

_MG_9503 (Copy)_MG_9452-Edit (Copy)

Linen sarees are definitely the call of the season for all fashion lovers and the ones who love to experiment with their looks should go visit the designer label at their flagship store At J-1 Udyog Nagar,Industrial Area, Near Peera Garhi Metro Station, New Delhi-110041 with a prior appointment.

You can also check out their facebook page

For Jewellery head on to

Designer Label Courtesy : Pratham

Photography : Snapsimran by Gursimran Singh

Styling : That Closet Label

MUA : Ekta Lulla

Stay tuned for more blogs.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label





StayWise ~ WedWise

Weddings are a grand affair in India and abroad as well. It takes a toll on the person who is getting married and also takes a lot of efforts on the part of the family and friends who are involved in making a wedding a grand success. In today’s time when everything and every job is going the digitalized way then why leave behind the wedding industry and their experts,hence Wedwise being the brainchild of a young woman “Ms Ginny Kohli” is streaming well between the wedding industry experts and their prospective clients. Starting with just a Facebook Page and a Group she has managed to build a prospective community helping each other with various fields of management catering to the needs of a wedding such as Fashion, Makeup, Jewellery, Catering, Wedding Planners, Destinations and many more such requirements which need expertise.


Having said this about Wedwise, Ms Ginny along with her team has now stepped into an all new world and brings to her community members a Wedwise TV : India’s First Wedding Infotainment Channel on Youtube  which bridges the gap between the wedding industry and the clients.

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A platform with signature WedWise Style series of videos for great wedding Information, tips & tricks, tutorials, featured entrepreneurs and Real Life Couples.Exclusive Youtube Series made to perfection for carrying forward the WedWise initiative to connect people and help everyone plan hassle free Weddings.

WedWise Tv

PS : All Brides and Grooms to be do follow and subscribe to this channel to make your wedding a memorable and a flawless event of your life.

Love much

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Art Inspiration

_BAL5824pro copy(2)Creative thinking inspires Ideas. Ideas inspire Change.


For any creative person – inspiration from any walk of life is the key to success. Inspiration can come from a small boy by the streets, a small vendor on the roadside, an elderly woman with her grandchildren, any movie sequence or an art form. For various designers across the globe , the major source of inspiration is the art forms. This blog post reads about the collection of Designer Label Pratham who has drawed inspiration from Tribal Art Forms of Maharashtra known as Warli Art into their beautiful and intricately designed sarees.

_DSC0393pro copy(2crop)

Every young girl in India or overseas is taking fashion inspiration from Saree fashion and looks forward to wear one at any of their lifetime events. But they do not want to stick to the old fashion saree and instead want something Out Of The Box creation. And so does Designer Label Pratham thinks and designs OTB. This quirky creation is just suitable for all young ladies to wear it at their Farewell Parties or a Family Event.


On the same hand the designer duo have taken perfect inspiration from the Tribal Art form and curated it into two different styles. The above design makes it for a fun loving saree and the below image showcases us that the same work can be adorned in a prettier form and more Indian form. The heavy saree as worn by the designer herself in the image below can be styled perfectly for any of the occasions in the close family and friends.

_BAL5911pro copy(2)

In order to purchase these looks head on to the facebook handle of the designer and book yourself an appointment with them,

Hope you had a wonderful time reading this post. Stay tuned for more from this designer label in collaboration with my styling.

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling – That Closet Label by Divya Goel

Model – Sheena Chohan (Purple Saree) and Shweta Garg(Designer herself)

Photography – Sundeep Bali + Manu Yadav

MUA – Ekta Lulla

Love Much

Divya Goel



Handwoven Interest

Beauty of Style, Harmony, Grace And Good Rhythm depends on Simplicity.

It is the call of the hour that people are looking out for Handwoven weaves and this has surely become one fashion trend, everyone is loving to sport. One such designer label who brings to all fashion mongers their need to quench their thirst for such fabrics and drapes is Pratham.

_BAL4760pro copy(2)

Pratham is an Indian designer label who caters to the needs of Saree, an Indian fashion garment which is gaining a lot of momentum even in West. This designer label is dedicated to crafting beautiful and simple yet elegant sarees which can be adorned by both elegant woman and also young girls. The designer label is initiated by husband wife duo Prashant Garg and Shweta Garg who have created some masterpieces in the form of Ghamcha Sarees using Linen fabrics. This fabric is definitely the need for Spring Summer 2016 collection.

_DSC8669pro copy(2)

The sarees are so intricately and beautifully designed that it is just onto the person wearing them as to how to go about styling the masterpieces. The image below shows you a model wearing their creation of Ghamcha saree as a work wear saree. Also in another image you may see that another variation of this saree can be worn as a quirky and a fun saree by any young girl. This saree brings in a lot of power and attitude when one dresses in the designer creation.

_BAL4792pro copy(2)

What I love about these sarees is that they are very easy to drape. I had a fun session styling these gorgeous sarees on Model turned Actress Sheena Chohan. When wearing the designer label one definitely does not need to over accessorize. Simplicity is the key to dressing when wearing these pretty creations.

_DSC8747pro copy(2)

When we talk about Ghamcha what usually comes in mind is the orange and red piece of cloth with white checks which the Pandits usually wear along with their dhoti kurta sets. But have you really thought of this design as a creative aspect in the form of Saree? I guess most of the answers will be “No”. But this designer duo have brought in their mind of creativity to the best possible use and imagination. This saree looks uber chic and stylish and can definitely be worn in multiple styles and one being your work wear saree.

_DSC8574pro copy(2)

Also not to miss out on the peplum blouse…The designer duo have brilliantly designed this piece as well. This peplum was a separate collection but when styling the saree I thought of all the young girls who would love to sport it along with something quirky and fashionable. This saree is simple and also a very light color which young minds would refrain themselves from wearing. But a bright colorful funky blouse will definitely make a “no” into a “yes yes situation”.

_DSC8686pro copy(2)

I must say one should definitely add these masterpieces into their wardrobe this season and flaunt them big time. In order to make a purchase one can visit them on and book and appointment with them.

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling – That Closet Label by Divya Goel

Model – Sheena Chohan

Photography – Sundeep Bali + Manu Yadav

Make up Artist – Ekta Lulla

Keep reading the blog and stay tuned for some more fashionable tips and styles

Keep Shimmering

Divya Goel

Woman of Substance

_BAL5592pro(copy2-na)You are a Woman of Strength, Dignity and Courage…one who values herself and fights for what she believes in. A woman who will not give up on her dreams regardless of how many obstacles stand in the way. And that makes a Woman beautiful!!

It is the month of March and the month of celebrating Womanhood. This post is an ode to all the strong, dignified and courageous woman who have stood tall by all odds and still looked beautiful with a radiant smile. This post along with designer label Pratham features a woman of substance who is making a mark for herself in the field of fashion along side her husband as the designers of Label Pratham.

_BAL5626pro copy(2)

It is often believed that a beautiful woman is one who looks pretty on the outside but the truth of the matter is that beauty lies within oneself. Clothes do make a woman look her prettiest best but her work makes for her beauty character. Now when we talk about beauty with clothes then I must say that an Indian woman looks her sartorial best when dressed in a Saree. The designer label Pratham is completely dedicated to cater all Indian woman with best of weaves in the form of Saree.

_BAL5602pro copy(2)

This Green saree looks truly magical with the amount of embroidery on it. The floral embroidery in contrast colors makes the saree stand out. Also what I love about this color is that it is mesmerizing shade of green and is completely different from what we usually find in the market. The saree is made out of Bhagalpuri Linen fabric which drapes perfectly on the body and it also counts for an easy to drape saree.

_BAL5641pro copy(2) corner dark

What is striking about this look is that I styled it with a combination of  costume and traditional jewellery to give it an over the top notch look. One definitely does not need to stick by the side of traditional jewellery when wearing a saree or any Indian garment. Today the market is flooded with ample options to choose from and here I choose these gold plated costume jewels.

_BAL5613pro copy(2)

Also the saree is a heavyily embroidered saree with a heavily embroidered blouse. One does not need much of accessories to enhance the look of this saree as minimal along with simplicity is the best key to flaunt this look.


In order to shop this saree you may visit the designer with a prior appointment and book it on their facebook page as follows –

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling – That Closet Label

Model – Shweta Garg (designer herself of the creation)

Photography – Sundeep Bali + Manu Yadav

Make up – Ekta Lulla

Hope you had a wonderful time reading this post. Go ahead and shop this look if you fell in love with it the way I did.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


Goddess ~ Inner Beauty

” A Woman of Beauty

Knows in her quite center

Where God Dwells

That he finds her beautiful

And deems her worthy

And in him , She in enough

~ John and Stasi Eldridge “

As per our Hindu rituals we believe that every woman is a shadow of Goddess Laxmi of our house, but do we still treat them the same way and with equality to men and the ones with power in the society? Whatever maybe the answer to it, it is important to treat the womanhood as a powerful sect of the society and my blog post today reads about the Powerful Goddess in each and every woman.

_DSC8144pro copy(2)

In collaboration with the designer label Pratham, I here present to you my styling of a woman of substance and magnificence who can be a true epitome of DEVI (Goddess). It is indeed a fact, that every woman is spiritually strong and once she makes up her mind to do something no one can stop her from doing what she wants.


The designer duo of husband – wife, Prashant and Shweta Garg have designed a masterpiece of a saree which brings out the inner beauty and grace of a woman once she gets dressed in their collection. The saree has embroidery inspired from the tribal art forms of Rajasthan. This designer duo have worked magic on their creation while keeping the most important social issue of womanhood gaining power and equality in the society as their  inspiration along with the various Indian art forms.

_DSC8097pro copy(2)

The strong personality of a woman is highlighted in this stunning creation along with the jewels that bring in the edgy, bold and powerful look of a woman.With this look we aim to bring it out as a fact that every man needs to understand and treat her woman – be it a mother, wife, sister or daughter with high esteem and respect her to the deepest core.It is rightly depicted in our vedas and scriptures that every woman in that era was given the choice to live free and not be judged. Infact we also know that the name of the Goddess comes before the name of the respective Gods then why not treat the woman in our lives today with same grace?


In collaboration with the designer label Pratham we say that worship not only the DEVI (Goddess) who we believe is the creator of this universe , but also respect each and every woman ( a shadow of Goddess on Earth ) you meet and greet in your daily routine.

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham ( )

Styling – Divya Goel (That Closet Label )

Model – Sheena Chohan

Photography – Sundeep Bali

Make Up – Ekta Lulla

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for more

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label

Cupid Month

Hey all gorgeous ladies out there. It is the month of Love, Gifts and Celebrations. And today being the V – Day it is definitely a day to celebrate for all in love.

But what about the Single Ladies?

Is V-Day only for the ones in Love?

I say “NO”. It is also for those who are in Love with Themselves as well. It can be spent in a fancy way even if you are Single and in Love with yourself. So girls go out and pamper yourself. This post reads about ditching the usual red and going monochrome this V-Day.


I wore an oversized Knitted Zara Cardigan along with a leather skirt from Forever21 and thick black stockings. The reason why I ditched the usual Red of Love is because that is one color you see all over the streets and Being fashionable does not mean to go along with what everyone is wearing but making an appearance of your own.



Things all Single Ladies must do to make themselves feel special:

  1. Go Shopping Therapy Way.
  2. Get your Girl Gang and Party out.
  3. Dress for Yourself.
  4. Go on a Long Drive with your Girl Gang.
  5. Pamper yourself at a Beauty Salon.



I am definitely Love Struck with myself and am enjoying this V-Day with myself. Hope you guys had a lovely time reading this post.

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label


Power Dressing +Sari

Style comes with Poise, Poise comes with Attitude, Attitude comes with Power Dressing.

Sari has always been addressed to Indian Drape of a 6 meter long fabric over a woman’s body. It is always looked upon as an Indian garment which by far only Indian woman have been wearing. The West has also adorned this garment but it’s love has been restricted in the form of SariGowns but not in it’s organic form.

Today I along with Designer label Pratham, am going to showcase you one brilliant sari which I styled on Model – Actor Sheena Chohan from  the designer duo Prashant Garg and his wife Shweta Garg’s collection in a whole new form which am sure not only we Indian Girls are going to love but also the West will.

_DSC0498pro copy(2)

This beautiful Sari is a true 6 meter long fabric with embroidery on it. What I love about this sari is the elephant embroidery which has been done on this super rich fabric and brings in power to the whole garment.

Do You think Power Dressing only comes with wearing a Formal Suit?? I say a strict NO to that notion. This sari draped in the form of a Gown over a skirt(petticoat) and a blouse like an organic sari with just a little change to the Pallu or the end of the Sari that falls on the shoulder has brought in a lot of magic to this creation of the designer duo.

_DSC0679pro copy(2)

This graceful sari can not only be worn by young woman at professional front but also by any woman who wishes to go out on a formal or an informal gathering. Here to make this look in particular full of grace, poise, attitude and most importantly powerful I have styled the model with minimum makeup and a nice neat braided hairbun.

The accessories have been kept minimal and restricted to just one long pair of chain danglers, a waist belt to hold the Sari Gown right in place and a hand harness with owl motif on it. Now two different animal forms can be confusing at times but here elephant and owl both depict power and wisdom.So when addressing a Power Dressing with Sari I had no apprehensions using two diverse animal forms together.

_DSC0536pro copy(2)

The Designer Label Pratham is highly motivated by Indian Art Forms and Weaves in its collection. And this Sari is definetly a bespoke version of its collection as this fabric is a rich weave from the handlooms and also they have done complete justice when it comes to the final product.

_DSC0564pro copy(2)

In order to shop from this designer label head on to their Facebook Page : Http:// and they shall be soon coming up with a store at West Delhi.

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling and Blog – Divya Goel (That Closet Label )

Model – Sheena Chohan

Photography – Sundeep Bali

Hope you had a great time reading the blog. Stay tuned for falling in love with Sari all the more!!

Love Much

Divya Goel

Fashion Blogger – Stylist

That Closet Label

F21 PreLaunch

Forever 21 is back at Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar after a long wait with a revamped store.

We all have been waiting to hear this piece of fashion news for so long and now it’s out and real. All you lovely Delhi Girls it’s time you go out and shop your hearts out at this newly relaunched fabulous store.

Forever 21 PreLaunch was hosted on 5th February 2016 at Pacific Mall. Subhash Nagar. The store was inaugurated by Actor Karan Singh Grover at 6pm. Girls were going all berserk on seeing this handsome dude and the mall was jampacked with his fans. The pre launch of the store had invited bloggers, media and winners of Forever 21 Contest.

Karan Singh Grover Inaugurated the Forever 21 Store


Karan Singh Grover

This store is set up on Ground Floor of the mall with ample space to offer their Women Clothing and Accessories Line. The store had also organized an interview with Karan for bloggers and media persons. And it went very well with Karan patiently answering to all questions. Not only that every person inside the store even got a chance to get clicked with Karan as this was a selected guest list and could cater to the needs of each individual blogger, media person and winners of the contest. The entire event was very well coordinated.


This store is completely revamped and when you enter this store now you’ll find quite a lot of changes. But the changes are all for good. You will find some fabulous accessories and a whole new range of clothing as well. I assure you once you enter you will not be able to step out without making a purchase.


This space of the store also does  catch eyeballs as this is one of the most important space in any store. And also not to forget I simply love the skirt in this picture. Give your views for same in my comment section.


In order to find more pictures of the event head on to my Instagram Profile : That Closet Label.

Lastly I would like to thank Forever 21 for inviting me to this event. And Ladies just make yourself feel 21 and younger by going and shopping your hearts out at this beautiful store with amazing collection.

Store Location : Forever 21, Pacific Mall, Ground Floor, Subhash Nagar, Delhi.

Love Much

Divya Goel

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That Closet Label

A Bohemian Vibe

Forget the old illusion of the term “Free Spirit”. A free spirit shouldn’t mean defiance against society. A free spirit means to be untied from the binds you once held within yourself. Because the tried and true meaning of freedom is knowing and applying. It’s facing the aches to find the full stretch. It’s doing the work. Because in doing so, everyone benefits your family, your community, your friends, and of course, society itself.


As we read the above quote it holds a true meaning to the Womanhood who stand strong in this society and spread out to reach masses and favour the society in their own manner. This beautiful creativity of God in the form of woman definitely has the right to live free and completely carefree. _DSC7930pro copy(2)

Designer Label Pratham has beautifully inculcated his imagination with the Indian Art forms from rural and tribal households into his creative aspects. This beautiful saree has its touch from the land, people and culture of Rajasthan.

The quirky and bohemian nature depicted in this saree is perfectly suited to the emerging needs and taste of young woman who thrive to make a strong and bold appearance.


The moustache and a turban are a staple trend which men from Rajasthan are often seen wearing. The designer’s creativity in this saree is finely depicted and also portrays the love for cultural art forms.

For the past few years quirky prints have been ruling the fashion runway but this saree has got a lot of different aspect to it. This saree is not a printed form but all embroidered and I must say the craftisan have done a fabulous job. The embroidery is done intricately and very neatly.


A style inspiration for all young girls is to wear this quirky saree in  a more quirky way. Just drape it onto your jeggings and also a bold color like blue as shown below and you are ready to rock this trend. This trend is a light on the woman who believe to live free from any staple norms of the society and make rules which are best suited in their own interest.

_BAL4594pro copy(3)

Saree is not just the element which catches all the eye balls. The baby collared blouse has also garnered much needed attention. The blouse is a complete contrasting element with respect to the saree and looks ravishing as a concept.

I had immense fun while styling this saree for the designer and playing around with the accessories and props. One can just put in a lot of element to this saree or even go bare minimum with accessories as this saree in itself has a lot to say.

_DSC7866pro copy(2)

The designer has none the less also passed on the message of gender equality while depicting moustache and a turban which can also be carried by a woman in a different form and thereby passing on the burden of work, respect and livelihood from the sole shoulders of a man to the woman as well.

In order to make a purchase from the designer collection you may click on the link below :

Designer Label Courtesy – Pratham

Styling – Divya Goel (That Closet Label)

Model Courtesy – Sheena Chohan

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and stay tuned for some more creative designs from this designer collection.

Love Much

DIvya Goel

That Closet Label